Vision | Mission | Values

At Nitze-Stagen our day-to-day actions are guided by the Vision, Mission, and Values established by our founders:


To build vibrant, resilient and equitable communities.


To build value for our partners, inspire pride in our employees and contribute to the success of our tenants through innovation, dedication to excellence and with deep respect for history and culture.


Transparency: We create a work environment where all skills, knowledge, ideas, and actions are shared for the benefit of all our constituencies.

Integrity: We believe that fulfilling our commitments and acting in accordance with our stated values and intentions provides the foundation for trust in our relationship with others.

Excellence: We intend to be one of the top performers among our peers in the Seattle real estate community.

Respect: We strive to create a mutually supportive and collaborative culture by being honest, respectful, and humble with all our constituencies.