Stack Family Properties

Building Square Footage

150,000 sf

The history of the Stack Family Portfolio of SODO properties began when the teenage German immigrant, Eugene Stack, jumped ship while anchored off San Pedro Harbor, California in about 1902. Hungry and with nothing to his name, he and a buddy worked their way to San Francisco where they got better established with help from another German immigrant family. Eugene worked there for a contractor, razing buildings damaged during the 1906 earthquake. Then he got a job with a steel sales and machinery manufacturer named Vulcan. That company sent Eugene to Seattle as Superintendent for the Structural Steel yard situated at the site of the current Fourth Ave. S and Royal Brougham Ryerson Bus Base.

Strong-minded determination soon sent him off to be his own man and Eugene bought a flatbed truck to do jobs like hauling dry cement to be mixed for constructing the Stevens Pass Highway and a Libby fruit packing plant in Yakima. Further ambitions, and a gamble, drove him to rent yard space at Stacy and Utah streets in SODO for the first Stack Steel & Supply Co. location. That site is now covered by the Starbucks Center parking garage, of which Nitze-Stagen is an owner.

Growing a business during the Depression was tough, but Mr. Stack worked and saved to buy some swampy lots on Lander Street in SODO, intending to build a metal fabrication shop. Over the next 40 years, those lots grew to 6 acres in size and housed what became 156,000 SF of Stack Steel distribution and heat-treating facilities. Eugene’s son, Harold Stack, got more involved in the business after his service in the Navy in WWII and grew the business to 4 locations in SODO occupying 300,000 SF of owned steel distribution space. Sale of the steel business in 1977 allowed Harold to explore other real estate opportunities which 3rd generation off-spring, Robb Stack, managed for 42 years before entrusting Nitze- Stagen to manage its properties and tenants and, in doing so, to support market-driven growth in the SODO neighborhood.