Building Square Footage

62,000 sf

Land Area

49,000 sf

Year Built/ Redeveloped



1130 Rainier is a three-floor office building located in one of the most vibrant and rapidly changing sub-markets in the Puget Sound Region. The building is the historically designated Black Manufacturing Building, a beautifully restored loft-style brick post and beam office space. It was built in 1914, and designed by Andrew Willatzen, who apprenticed in the studio of Frank Lloyd Wright. Willatzen designed this beautiful brick office building with unusual features for the time, such as more than 15,000 square feet of windows and a shed roof skylight, to give the Black Manufacturing employees exposure to natural daylight. This design element that has been maintained for the current office tenants.

The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology provides graduate level education as well as continuing education for professionals working in the fields of psychology, theology, culture, and social change. The school will operate their learning community from the 1130 Rainier Avenue South building. The new facility will provide the school with the opportunity for new community outreach and continued training programs.