Commitment to Community

Nitze-Stagen is focused on supporting thoughtful growth in our region by contributing to the built environment in ways that will promote the development of lively communities while encouraging connection among residents and visitors.

Nitze-Stagen’s commitment to the communities in which we invest emanates from a core belief that real estate is a local business. As a long-term investor in greater Seattle real estate, we embrace our responsibility to undertake projects that foster connections among residents, preserve historical structures and enhance the lives of stakeholders. Our goal is to help create great neighborhoods that contribute to Seattle’s vibrancy while respecting and preserving historical and natural environments.

Over the course of our history, Nitze-Stagen has played a significant role in the re-development of a number of iconic properties which have contributed to the revitalization of the neighborhoods in which they reside. Examples of our commitment to Seattle’s neighborhoods include our renovations of the Starbucks Center in SODO, Union Station and Merrill Place in Pioneer Square.

NSCO in action within our local communities