Partner Companies

In pursuing our vision of building vibrant and sustainable communities, Nitze-Stagen benefits from its partnerships.

OZ Navigator

The principals of Nitze-Stagen and Housing Diversity have partnered to create OZ Navigator (OZN). The OZN team has a track record of success in investing in underserved communities and is supported by legal, tax and accounting professionals as well as experts in community impact investing. OZN brings to bear a significant advantage in sourcing, underwriting and executing Opportunity Zone deals. Taking advantage of existing deal flow, OZN will invest in opportunities with similar investment criteria to those already being sourced by Nitze-Stagen and Housing Diversity’s real estate teams.

Alliance for Safety, Affordability and Preservation (ASAP)

The Alliance for Safety, Affordability and Preservation (ASAP) has come together to develop creative solutions to the threat to public safety; affordable living and working spaces; and the rich legacy of our region’s built environment posed by the impact of future seismic events on our unreinforced masonry buildings (URMs). An event like a magnitude 6 to 7 Seattle fault earthquake has the potential to cause widespread death and injury, displace tens of thousands of our region’s most vulnerable residents and the businesses who call these building’s home, and permanently damage some of our most distinctive historic structures. Furthermore, it would severely exacerbate the existing housing affordability crisis and lead to a surge in homelessness. Consisting of concerned stakeholders from the City of Seattle, King County, developers (both marketrate and affordable), URM property owners, historic preservationists, and neighborhood associations, ASAP actively seeks to restore and upgrade these character-rich brick buildings before the next major earthquake renders them uninhabitable, or leads to their unplanned demolition. We believe that mandatory safety legislation is the only way to marshal all of the concerned stakeholders and resources required to solve this issue in an efficient and organized manner.

Housing Diversity Corporation

Housing Diversity Corporation (HDC expands the variety of housing choices by delivering innovative housing solutions, at scale, to underserved segments of our population currently being priced out of core urban neighborhoods. HDC engages with community stakeholders in planning projects, ensuring that they meet the needs of the community. It quickly and decisively source real estate opportunities that meet the urgent need for high-quality, low-cost housing in major metropolitan areas using the policy advantages of developing in Opportunity Zones along with entrepreneurial driven innovation to develop sustainable, high quality, living spaces.