Partner Companies

In pursuing our vision of building vibrant and sustainable communities, Nitze-Stagen benefits from its partnerships.

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Daniels Real Estate

Daniels Real Estate (DRE) is one of Seattle’s most notable developers with projects that range from multi-family redevelopments of existing structures to ground-up development of high-rise office buildings. With every project, DRE seeks to create places that help communities thrive. Combining preservation, sustainability, and great architectural design, DRE’s projects strive to contribute to stronger and more vibrant communities. DRE currently has multiple new development projects underway in the greater Seattle market.

Nitze-Stagen Capital Partners

Nitze-Stagen Capital Partners (NSCP) seeks to make profitable investments in local companies that contribute to placemaking by providing proprietary products and services that enhance the sustainability, workability and livability of Seattle’s commercial and residential built environment. To date NSCP has made investments in NEXT Lighting, a San Francisco based linear LED lighting solutions company and Quantum Windows & Doors, a manufacturer of hand-crafted custom windows and doors.